Water Volleyball Court Sizes and Dimensions

Water volleyball can be played in a wide variety of court sizes and dimensions – everywhere from a small pool to an Olympic-size pool to a large lake. Water volleyball courts need to have their measurements adjusted to match the level of the players and the size of the pool or the lake. Regardless of the size of the court, most people who try water volleyball end up loving the game as it is so much fun and so exciting to play, regardless of the size of the court.

Water volleyball is most commonly played in the pool or on a lake. Playing volleyball in water can be tiring because the water makes movement slower than playing the game in the sand or on a court – this is one of the significant considerations for the players when deciding on the size of the court. You will need to match the size of the water volleyball court and your water volleyball set to the physical condition of the players –

  •  Are the players strong swimmers?
  • Are you playing with children?
  • Are the players in strong cardiovascular shape?

You can improve your water volleyball shape by performing daily exercises in land and on the water – lap swimming, running, weight training, and treading water are all excellent conditioning activities. If you are experiencing muscle pain or having trouble keeping up, then you need to consider making a smaller court.

Standard water volleyball courts have a similar measurement to the sand court.  The court should measure 30 ft x 60 ft and use a 24-foot net. And the average depth should be 1 ft from the water’s surface. But, when it comes to residential pools, the measurement might be customized based on the width and length of the pool. Water volleyball courts on lakes are usually easier to setup with the standard dimensions, as there are very rarely physical limitations on the size of the court. The one consideration to keep in mind with lakes is that both sides are typically in deep water, so the players need to be strong swimmers. There will always be some alterations in these measurements when the pool is very big or very small. The important thing is to adjust the size of the court to make sure you have a fun and fast game that is appropriate to the skill level of the players.

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