Waboba Surf Ball Review

The Waboba Surf ball is billed as having “space age technology” that allows it to magically bounce on water. I’m not so sure about the technology, but it is a really fun water toy that skips and skims across the water the same way a flat stone skims across a pond. The ball is made from polyurethane with a lycra outer wrap. This makes the ball light and easy to grip too.

The ball is small, about the size of a small orange (2.3 inches X 2.1 inches) and weighs just 2.1 ounces.

Overall: We had a lot of fun with this ball making it skip and skim across the water. It’s not really a water volleyball ball, but it is a lot of fun to throw into the mix for a pool or lake party.


  • Lots of fun to play with — awesome to skip across the water
  • Great price for what you get


  • Not a great ball for a serious game of water volleyball — the ball is too small for a real volleyball game
  • The lycra cover can be damaged if it skimmed across concrete or other hard surfaces (make sure to keep it in the pool)
  • Not for use as a dog toy — it won’t stand up to a dog’s teeth

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