Pro Volly Retrofit Pool Volleyball Kit by Dunn-Rite Review

The Pro Volly Retrofit Pool Volleyball Kit is a solid kit for transforming your in-ground pool into a water volleyball court.

The installation was a little more difficult than the manufacturer promised, as we did not have the 1.90 ladder anchor already installed at our pool site. Also, our pool is a freeform (kind of an “S” shape) so we had to think a little bit about the best place to place the new anchors. Once the anchors were in place, though, the net installed easily and it stays solidly in place.

Once we got the net up and started playing with it, the net held tight in place and the posts were rock solid with no sway or give.

My packaging included the following:

  • Pink “WaterVolly” ball
  • Two 1.5-inch powder-coated posts for installation into the pool side
  • 24-foot adjustable nylon net
  •  Installation hardware
  • Instruction guide


  • Strong steel post construction is built to last and can withstand a large adult’s weight pulling on the net
  • Net does not show any sag as the steel posts allow you to pull the net tight
  • Installation is easy if you already have installed 1.90 ladder anchors at your poolside (these are standard-width pole sockets with a tightening screw)
  • Powder steel posts look very durable and the coating looks like it should resist corrosion


  • Installation can be a bit trickier than expected, especially if you do not have anchors already in place


This is an excellent overall choice for a semi-permanent water volleyball net. It comes with a decent ball to get you started and the net and powder steel posts that hold strong and keep the net tight.

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