Poolmaster Super Combo Water Volleyball/Badminton Game Review

The Poolmaster Super Combo Water Volleyball/Badminton Game is a full net, set of 4 badminton nets, and a water volleyball. The net is supported on 8 foam floats. The item arrives in  packaging tightly wrapped and I was pleasantly surprised to see no damage to the floaters as they are soft and can easily get squished or punctured.

Setting the item up was quite frustrating and took quite longer than expected. Once the PVC tubes are place they lock and are very difficult to remove. The instructions leave a lot to be desired.

The net is a smaller than I expected but it is fun for a quick game of badminton or water volleyball, assuming you have a relatively small pool; anything else and the net will start to float.

One final note, the net itself is a soft nylon material with a considerable amount of build. For older children or rowdy adult games, this net may not last too long.


  • Relatively low price for all of the items that are included
  • Nice that it includes badminton as well as water volleyball


  • Build quality and construction is somewhat flimsy
  • Instructions and installation is difficult
  • Net is a little small for some pools

I would skip this item and go with another all-in-one net set.

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