Mikasa Squish VSV104 No-Sting Volleyball review

Like its cousin, the more traditional looking basic Mikasa Squish volleyball, the Mikasa Squish VSV104 No-Sting Volleyball is a near perfect choice as an all-around family water volleyball ball. It is especially good for playing with kids and anyone new to volleyball as the soft cover does not sting your hand when you serve or block. You would think that a soft cover might not be the best choice for water, but this ball holds up in water great too – maintaining its watertight status even after a few hours in the pool. We were really impressed by how the ball maintained both its soft cover and stayed watertight after hours of hard play. The Mikasa Squish No-Sting Volleyball held up well in a variety of surfaces — pool (obviously), grass, and on the beach (sand). The ball is regulation/standard sized at 65 to 67-centimeters or 25.5 to 26.5-inches in circumference, depending on how much air you inflate into it.

The only downside is this is really a pool/beach volleyball or indoors ball, I would not use it on an asphalt court or for other games (like soccer/football or basketball).

Overall, this is a great, fun ball to have in your set for the pool, lake, or beach. Highly recommend!


  • Soft cover is great for kids and anyone new to volleyball
  • Waterproof and stays that way
  • Floats well
  • Would be a great choice for gaga ball or dodgeball as the soft cover is pretty forgiving but dense enough for a good throw
  • Bright color is easy to see in the water


  • Soft cover will scuff on asphalt or rough play on hard surfaces

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