Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball Review

The Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball is a great ball for all-around pick-up games in the yard or pool, especially when playing with children. It is not a real volleyball (in size, weight, or action) and you will probably want to skip it if you want to play a more serious game in the court, on the sand, or in the pool. Overall, it is a great choice to have on hand when you want to play a quick and fun game with a mix of ages and abilities.

This ball features a smaller, traditional volleyball wrapped with a cushiony material that helps to cushion the impact when it hits your hands. The cushiony material and the small size also make the ball easy to pickup and easy to palm as well. The ball is waterproof as well which will make it a great addition to your water volleyball games.


  1. The ball is very soft and will help to encourage children and those unfamiliar (or fearful) of volleyball to play the sport
  2. The ball comes in over 10 really sporty and fun colors
  3. Waterproof (excellent for water volleyball)
  4. Smaller ball size makes it an excellent toy and teaching aid for children to learn the sport


  1. Small size makes it too easy to hit the ball too hard and make it sail off the court or out of the pool
  2. Smaller than regulation size and the action is not as you would expect so it is really better used a toy or for informal games


This is a really nice ball to have on hand for pool parties or quick pickup games in the backyard or on the beach. Keep in mind that it is really a toy and not a professional ball and you will be quite happy with this one.

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