Coop Hydro Volleyball Review

The Coop Hydro Volleyball was, unfortunately, quite disappointing. I really wanted to like the water volleyball with the sloosh and hibiscus design. It looks really cool and feels soft yet weighty in your hands. The neoprene holds water well and has a nice give and the size is right.

The problem starts after a few rounds of play. The ball starts to get a bit water logged and the stitching starts to give. After a few weeks, the cover started to loosen from the ball and we had to throw it out. It seemed good while it lasted.


  • Slick design and correct volleyball sizing
  • Neoprene cover feels substantial and floats well


  • Durability of stitching is bad
  • Durability of cover adherence is very bad

I would skip this ball and go with a better choice from Dunn-Rite.

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