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Waboba Surf Ball Review

The Waboba Surf ball is billed as having “space age technology” that allows it to magically bounce on water. I’m not so sure about the technology, but it is a really fun water toy that skips and skims across the water the same way a flat stone skims across a pond. The ball is made from polyurethane with a lycra outer wrap. This makes the ball light and easy to grip too. The ball is small, about the size of a small orange (2.3 inches X 2.1 inches) and weighs just 2.1 ounces. Overall: We had a lot of fun with this ball making it skip and skim across the water. It’s not really a water volleyball ball, but...

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Water Gear Neoprene Covered Water Volleyball Review

The Water Gear brand neoprene-covered water volleyball is a solid volleyball with a substantial neoprene coating. The ball feels good and has a nice weight to it when wet. The only caveat is to be careful when playing with smaller children as the wet ball can get a bit heavy.   Pros: Official indoor volleyball size and weight Neoprene cover feels solid and adds buoyancy High-quality stitching stays intact after multiple uses in the pool Cons: Ball can get heavy after being in the water which makes it not the best choice for younger...

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Poolmaster Super Combo Water Volleyball/Badminton Game Review

This item is a full net, set of 4 badminton nets, and a water volleyball. The net is supported on 8 foam floats. The item arrives in  packaging tightly wrapped and I was pleasantly surprised to see no damage to the floaters as they are soft and can easily get squished or punctured. Setting the item up was quite frustrating and took quite longer than expected. Once the PVC tubes are place they lock and are very difficult to remove. The instructions leave a lot to be desired. The net is a smaller than I expected but it is fun for a quick game of badminton or water volleyball, assuming you have a relatively small pool; anything else and...

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Coop Hydro Volleyball Review

This item was, unfortunately, quite disappointing. I really wanted to like the water volleyball with the sloosh and hibiscus design. It looks really cool and feels soft yet weighty in your hands. The neoprene holds water well and has a nice give and the size is right. The problem starts after a few rounds of play. The ball starts to get a bit water logged and the stitching starts to give. After a few weeks, the cover started to loosen from the ball and we had to throw it out. It seemed good while it lasted. Pros: Slick design and correct volleyball sizing Neoprene cover feels substantial and floats well Cons: Durability of stitching is bad Durability of cover adherence is...

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Pro Volly Retrofit Pool Volleyball Kit by Dunn-Rite Review

The pro volly retrofit pool volleyball kit is a solid kit for transforming your in-ground pool into a water volleyball court. The installation was a little more difficult than the manufacturer promised, as we did not have the 1.90 ladder anchor already installed at our pool site. Also, our pool is a freeform (kind of an “S” shape) so we had to think a little bit about the best place to place the new anchors. Once the anchors were in place, though, the net installed easily and it stays solidly in place. Once we got the net up and started playing with it, the net held tight in place and the posts were rock solid with no sway or...

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Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball Review

  The Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball is a great ball for all-around pick-up games in the yard or pool, especially when playing with children. It is not a real volleyball (in size, weight, or action) and you will probably want to skip it if you want to play a more serious game in the court, on the sand, or in the pool. Overall, it is a great choice to have on hand when you want to play a quick and fun game with a mix of ages and abilities. This ball features a smaller, traditional volleyball wrapped with a cushiony material that helps to cushion the impact when it hits your hands. The cushiony material and the...

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